7-Stories is held on the last Sunday of the month at Kings in downtown Raleigh, NC. Each 7-Stories show features 7 storytellers sharing a 7 minute personal story on a central theme. Shows start at 7:07 P.M. Doors at 6:30. Our 2016 line-up of shows are:

February 28th: “Kill Me, Cupid” [No explaination needed]

March 27th: “Ink” [Tats, canvas, pen and paper]

April 24th: “Late Bloomers” [Because some folks keep getting better]

August 28th: All Women’s Show as part of the WTF festival. Hosted by Rose Higgins. All proceeds go to support the Women’s Theatre Festival.

September 25th: “The Wilderness” [Tales of our eternal struggle against nature]

October 30th: “Food Service Tales of Terror II” [because last time was too fun]

November 27th: “Before There Were Cell Phones” [Yes, such a time existed. It was rad.]



If you are interested in telling a story or producing a show, please contact us.